Samantha Suppiah,

Southeast Asia

is a Straits Chindian trickster, complexity navigator and creative destroyer.

She is in the business of decolonising the futuring industries, with a precise, targeted approach to disarming, disabling and dismantling colonial designs, intentions and systems.​

Anna Denardin,


Designer focused in sustainability and regeneration, co-investigating what it feels and looks like through global south, decolonial, non-hegemonic perspectives.
Using creative strategies to help to embody change, dissolve fragilities, unlearn harmful patterns and enable more generative responses for creating fairer futures.

Christina M. Sayson,


seeks truth in environmental justice, gender equality, and indigenous rights. In her studies on socio-cultural anthropology and anthropologies of sustainability, Christina believes that human diversity and altruism are the keys to our continued survival as a species on this finite planet.

Luiza Oliveira,


Curious by nature, interested in dancing with patterns and paradigms to dismantle colonialism and colonialities, challenging systemic and internalized systems of oppression in order to nurture self-determination, sovereignty and whole-systems-ways of being. Coming from a medical background, with her specialization in neurology, Luiza is interested in promoting decolonial and traditional healthcare, weaving social justice with cultural sovereignty and environmental care.

Athena V. Mercolisia,


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