"This course is critical for anyone wishing to meaningfully contribute to helpfully build a sustainable socially just future. It helps clarify the hidden and powerful inner machinations of our society and illuminate possible pathways towards better futures. Atypical in all respects, this course compels personal change and seeds right relationships as a foundation for emerging futures."

- Monica Da Ponte, Canada

"I highly recommend this course to anyone who is struggling with the realities of trying to transform our economy in pursuit of a flourishing future for all life on Earth. I learned a lot, and unlearned a whole lot more. It's as if I have tuned in to a new radio frequency that I wasn't previously aware of, but that I now can't stop hearing, and my perception of the world is far richer for it. A unique and truly rewarding experience."

- Geoff Kendall, United Kingdom

"The journey I've been on over the last five months helped me navigate through a heavy blur of feelings, experiences, thoughts, emotions, to find a clarifying new 'pair of glasses' with which to view the world. I call it a new ability 'to read between the lines'. At the end of it, rather than feeling hopeless and helpless, I feel awake, aware, energized. The 'truth will set you free' they say. Although getting to that truth is raw, deep, dark and excruciating, getting to it does indeed somehow 'liberate you'."​

- Katrien Rennemeier, Belgium

"Before it asks what you can do, the course prompts you to question what you're already doing. What is it for? For whom? And dictated by whom? Becoming aware of the water we swim in, the myths we swallow and retell, the system that we feed on, and in turn we feed, can be a painful, uncomfortable process.
This course doesn't soothe you but instead challenges you to feel in entirety the many ends that have already come to pass and continue to occur on a daily basis across worlds. With your cohorts by your side, it doesn't have to be a solitary ordeal, nor should it ever be."

- Anonymous course participant, DecSust23

"Intro to Decolonial Sustainability is so much more than a course.
It is a transformative experience that has helped me deconstruct ties and build new ones, profoundly challenging my identity. It's a space of vulnerability, deep humility, respect and dignity. This course has transformed my experience of the world and allowed me to question my relationship with it, offering infinite nuances to the dualism rooted in Western culture."​

- Ségolène Montigny, France

"It fundamentally deepened my understanding of deep-seated patterns and mindsets of colonialism and what it means to be genuinely regenerative, sustainable, and climate-conscious.
While the focus is on sustainability, what I learned applies across all other areas of social impact and tech: patterns of colonialism are consistent and persistent across every aspect of society."

- Kelly Neuner, United States

"I would highly recommend this course. It is sticky in that it will both challenge / shift your perspective(s) as well as sit in the forefront of your mind as you move through your day-to-day. You will question and analyze everything. Plus - the facilitation is incredibly thoughtful & creative and art is centered and embedded in all aspects. A must for anyone looking to surrender to the realities of our global context & strip through the narratives we've been brought up to worship."​

- Isabel Nuesse, Kenya

2023 Testimonials

2022 Pilot Testimonials

"Intro to Decolonial Sustainability was an unsettling but rewarding course that highlights the need to centre Global South voices and nature and to do the continuous work for actual sustainability, instead of the watered down version that we have become accustomed to. A must for all those who are in corporate sustainability, philanthropy, international development and social impact."

- Anonymous pilot course participant

"This course is one of the most powerful experiences I've had and potentially one of the most transformative. The instructors are deeply informed and uncompromising in their commitment to decolonizing sustainability efforts, as well as deconstructing Global North mindsets. It is not for the faint or quaint of heart, but for those willing to look critically at themselves and the world through a new lens as part of a growing community dedicated to rebalancing and rebuilding human society. The Possible Futures Crew introduces key concepts like "Right Relationship", "Centering the Oppressed", and "Tunnel Visioning", among many others, to guide students toward a more enlightened understanding. In addition, their compass frameworks of "Harmful Behaviors" and "Fantasies and Denials" will challenge you to contemplate your role within Sustainability Inc. It is a brilliantly and beautifully constructed course… rigorously demanding and regeneratively caring at the same time."​

- Eli Ingraham, United States

"This course has changed me forever. Not only in a professional sense but also as a human.
The Possible Futures Crew took us on a unique, well-organised and often extremely uncomfortable journey that made us deeply question our beliefs and work on them. With very creative storytelling elements, the team of facilitators guided us into a new journey of learning and un-learning – long before we knew it. And once started, there is no return.
As a result of joining this course, we decided to not work with corporates anymore, as well as making significant changes in the narrative and language used on our website and all other materials.
Thanks to Possible Futures, I fell out of love with my privileges and learnt to see them for what they really are: tools of ongoing oppression that still harm so many others."

- Christina Forster, Germany

"I would like to Thank You guys for offering the course. It was an experience I wasn't quite prepared for. I might have mistaken it for any other course but week for week the content and engagement sessions became quite intensive, challenging my approach not just to sustainability inc and any role I might play (in and around it) but it also impacted my personal life. As a visual storyteller I can say that I have found myself scrutinizing collaborative opportunities a lot more since the course. The breakout room sessions and crew sessions have added new layers of understanding for me. I no longer take for granted what it means to relay other peoples stories; who is "paying" for the story, why do they get to have access to these voices, where are the owners in the negotiations around their story, what does the story being told do for the individual/business paying for the story ... The extensive and in-depth nature of some of the materials lost me along the way. With the size of each weeks crew session 'homework' growing in demand as the weeks went, it became harder to meet and fulfil the expectation. Because I don't deal with sustainability inc in as direct of a way as what I felt the course might have been speaking too, I did find myself drifting between some of the resource and in-contact material which I am not too proud off. I would like to keep revisiting the material."​

- Siviwe James, United Kingdom / South Africa

"This course challenged me in multiple ways and across multiple layers as it dragged me (in a positive and nourishing way) out of my comfort zone and confronted me with the many blind spots and ignorances I have shown but not acknowledged while navigating the field of sustainability. The journey went far beyond any of my expectations and the dialogues, exercises and powerful narratives truly changed how I view the "world of sustainability". The Possible Futures crew has not only provided rich, detailed and multi-faceted perspectives, but fundamentally questioned my assumptions about sustainability for which I am deeply grateful and sent me on a journey I will never forget."

- Marina Schmitz, Germany / Slovenia

"The Introduction to Decolonial Sustainability Pilot course has opened doors to a level of conversation, learning, and interrogation that is not often seen in the sustainability world. The team shared uncomcomfortable realities and helped the cohort navigate these through careful and well-held sessions that challenged us in our use of language, levels of accountability , and types of action. Though I have been aware and working in elements of decolonial sustainability, the course helped me define and deepen purpose and "sift through the detritus" of what persists in the worlds of "sustainability" and "regenerative thinking". I'm looking forward to the Possible Futures Crew's next steps in unwinding Sustainability Inc.!"​

- Kara de los Reyes, United Kingdom

"Taking this course was humbling, eye-opening, empathy building, and deeply uncomfortable. I went into it hoping to learn more about all the obvious and subliminal ways in which the sustainability industry perpetuates colonial narratives and how to address and challenge that.
But throughout the journey I was forced to look inwards instead and confront my own beliefs, perceptions and actions. By turning worlds upside down, giving a voice to people and stories in the Global South and challenging everything, this unconventional learning experience is desperately needed to help navigate the world and ensure we don't fall into the same harmful patterns that have gotten us into this mess in the first place. It's not for the faint of heart and requires both openness and commitment, but the more you put into it, the more you'll get out of it."​

- Maria Correa, Netherlands

"The journey was one of rediscovery, unlearning, and moments in the mirror. Facilitated discussions, curated libraries of video and articles, and invigorating moments with our crew navigating the seas of uncertainty were the highlights of the experience. I've been awakened, my eyes opened, and my spirit has emerged fierce, grounded, and ready."

- Anonymous pilot course participant